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The Naked Truth: Queer Artist Interviews was created to highlight the artists of the 2020 Naked Truth Pride Exhibition. Expanding beyond the 5 artists of the show, the show will continue beyond June with interviews of queer artists of all backgrounds and mediums, sharing their lives, discussing their work, and exploring the connections between their sexuality and their artistic practices, processes, and careers.

Beyond the 2020 June show, The Naked Truth: Queer Artist Interviews seeks to amplify the reach of queer artists, as the freelance art community has been deeply affected by the COVID-19 crisis, both bringing their works to a wider audience and bringing us all closer through a digital community of celebrating art and sharing our unique narratives as queer people.

Season 1 Release Schedule

  • May 28: Scott G. Brooks

  • June 4: Jasjyot Singh Hans

  • June 11: Douglas Johnson

  • JUNE 18: Lania D'aGostino

  • June 25: Kieran Solley

  • July 9: Heather RaQuel Phillips

  • July 18: Niccolo Seligmann (LIVE at Apartscape)

  • July 23: NEbal Maysaud

  • August 13: B Kleymeyer

  • August 27: Kotic Couture

  • October 8: Phong Tran

  • October 15: Kent Lau

  • OCtober 22 (Season 1 Finale): James Newland

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Peter Pup Orpheus

Peter 'Pup Orpheus' is the host of The Naked Truth: Queer Artist Interviews. A composer of classical vocal and instrumental music, Peter is a live model, arts advocate, and concert impresario, active in the Mid-Atlantic region. As Mr. Maryland Leather 2017, Peter's #PartOfThePack campaign focused on equity and inclusion in queer spaces, hosting community forums on age, race, and gender.