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Interview with B Kleymeyer

Artist Bio

B Kleymeyer is a queer theatre artist working as a director, performer, and deviser. B was named Baltimore’s Best Lead Actor by the Baltimore independent theatre awards in 2019. With Single Carrot Theatre B has directed R. Eric Thomas' Safe Space, Ariel Zetina's Pink Milk, and the premiere of we broke up, a piece created for a digital audience, written by DJ Hills.

The Episode

Examples of B's Work (included works discussed in the podcast)

Pink Milk (directed by

B Kleymeyer, script by Ariel Zetina)

Safe Space (Directed by

B Kleymeyer, script by R. Eric Thomas)

Safe Space production still, photo by Glenn Ricci

Wendy Peter | Peter WEndy (directed by Tristan Powell, script by Joshua Conkel, Peter Pan played by By Kleymeyer )

Wendy Peter | Peter Wendy production still, photo by Britt Olsen-Ecker

We Broke Up (director, script by DJ Hills)

Ways to Contact B

Referenced in the Episode

This episode was recorded using Zencastr.

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