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Interview with Nebal Maysaud

Artist Bio

Nebal Maysaud is a Lebanese non-binary composer of music exploring trans-temporal spiritual queerness rooted in their faith, ancestry, and identity. Their music has been performed by the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, Juventas New Music Ensemble, and Lawrence University Wind Ensemble and Opera Department; and also featured in Art Song Lab 2016 and the District New Music Conference 2018; they have contributed articles about diversity and classical music to NewMusicBox and convened community music workshops at YallaPunk 2019.

The Episode

Examples of Nebal's Work (included works discussed in the podcast)

Decolonized Arabesques, for Alto Saxophone, Viola, Double Bass, and Piano

Prayer for the Fire Worshipper, for 2 Voices & Guitar

Migrations, for Alto Saxophone

On the Mountains of Orphalese, for Wind Ensemble

Ways to Contact Nebal

Referenced in the Episode

This episode was recorded using Zencastr.


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