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Interview with Niccolo Seligmann (LIVE at APARTSCAPE!)

Artist Bio

Niccolo Seligmann is a queer musician, composer, and sound designer who unites historical & traditional musics with contemporary music technology & practices. As a 2020 Strathmore Artist in Residence, Niccolo released their debut album, Kinship, which uses viola da gamba improvisation to enact multispecies resistance to the Anthropocene.

The Episode

(as part of the APARTSCAPE live broadcast, taking place roughly around 6pm EST, Saturday, July 18)

[Note: Apologies about the audio quality. This episode was recorded as part of the APARTSCAPE virtual arts festival. Interview audio was stripped from the facebook video.]

Examples of Niccolo's Work (included works discussed in the Episode)

Kinship - Two Wildfires Become One (Live Performance)

Una Panthera, by Johannes Ciconia (14th c.)

Der may mit lieber zal, by Oswald von Wolkenstein, after Jehan Vaillant (15th c.)

Lamento di Tristano - Anonymous Italian (14th c.)

Unboxing Instruments!

Ways to Contact Niccolo

This episode was recorded using Zoom as part of the APARTSCAPE 2020 Live Virtual Arts Festival, broadcast through Facebook.


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